PRISMA Electronics

The basic idea is to create a series of precision electronic instruments that can be customized according to your way of working on the track.
You can choose whether to use only the HPM4 Tire Pressure Gauge, or if the instruments you use most are the Pressure Gauge and Stopwatch, we have created a model that allows you to have both functions in the same instrument. Moreover, you can switch from the Tire Pressure Gauge to the Stopwatch with the possibility to take times and spilt times for 4 drivers simply by pressing a button. Only one instrument that contains the functions of Pressure Gauge and Stopwatch.

In the case where, you are a tire technical and the fundamental parameters that must be kept under control are the pressures and temperatures, we have designed for you the Tire gauge with Tire Pyrometer model. You can save tire pressures and temperatures for several sessions in the memory of the instrument. You can choose if you prefer the infrared sensor or the sensor with a needle probe. You will find the model that best suits your way of working on the track.

Overall, there are 7 models and you will surely find the best solution for your way of working on the track.