Thermal Technology Pro Tyre Warmers

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Well-built for professional use and for fixed temperature.


Professional racing tyrewarmer to be used in competitions; is made externally polyester fabric with Cordura processing effect and internally Nomex fabric; the electric traced is placed laterally transversally and centrally in the longitudinal mode, thus ensuring a uniform temperature throughout the tire of 80 ° C.

Well-built for professional use and
for fixed temperature.
— Heating regulation with bimetallic thermostat 85°C
— Poliester external fabric
— Insulation with reflective layer
— Heating element with trasversal and longitudinal shape
— Unflamable internal fabric nomex
— Neoprene elestastic skirt

S 120
M 160
L 180
XL 190/200
XXL > 200/60 and 205

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