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Accossato 19x17-18-19 PRS Brake Master Cylinder (CY022)

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Accossato radial master cylinder are used in most important World Championship , Moto 2, Moto 3, AMA and Superbike: their main feature is to have a greatful braking.

Immediate feeling with the lever and braking is always powerful , decisive and uncompromising : this result was possible thanks to a reduction of machining tolerances and mating of different parts of the master cylinder.

Choose an Accossato master cylinder means choosing a product made in Italy , with unique features from both aesthetically and functionally . The main features that make it a unique product are:
Inox pins and inox screws cnc worked

-Riser connected to the handlebars realized axially offset , which allows to decrease the movement of the master cylinder during the braking .

The master cylinder seals are made with a mixture coming from the Formula 1 and ensure, in case of use of DOT4 oil Accossato high durability ; thanks to a control performed to 100% , is in fact not require any routine maintenance.

There are two different types of master cylinder body : aluminum forged and CNC worked . Their coloration is made of hard oxide , which guarantees the protection of the master cylinder body for the whole its life.
Also in this case , the master cylinder body is controlled at 100% to ensure the total absence of any signs or impurities that affects their quality in time

The assembled lever
are black , and depending on the type , they are assembled in their standard version or with the lever model K , which has ergonomic relief to Central . Upon request , you can ask for the standard version with the lever to the air passage . Available models:

Adjustable Master cylinder
Accossato racing master cylinder are an exclusive Accossato licensed in only 7 seconds you can change the distance and the regulation

19mm suggested for bi-disc motorcycles

16mm suggested for mono-disc motorcycles

PRS available distance 17- 18 – 19 (brake)

PRS available distance 15 16– 17(clutch

Master cylinder with radial or fixed folding lever

For bidiscs motorcycles , we suggest 19 master cylinder piston

For monodisc motorcyles we suggest 16 master cylinder piston