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Accossato Disc - Yamaha (Free Delivery)

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$118.95 - $398.95
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Accossato Floating Front Disc, Elite Line, For Motorcycles

Accossato ELITE Line brake discs, born from the expertise gained in Superbike, Moto 2 and Moto 3 sports competitions, are the result of research into design and performance, with the target of creating the lightest brake disc with the most consistent performance.

The particular design of the discs and the materials used allow the braking force to be effectively transferred, thanks to in-depth research carried out on tolerances and the clearance between the hub flange and the brake band.

The connection with the hub flange in light CNC-worked alloy is made through the Accossato branded pawls or "tongues". The pawl system allows the transmission of torque ensuring consistency during thermal expansion and maintaining a high resistance to wear.

The reduced weight of the disc greatly helps to enhance the handling and control of the bike.


Note: Sold as a single disc