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Accossato Radial Brake Calipers 108mm CNC Monoblock Titanium Pistons (PZ001)

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Accossato Radial Brake Caliper CNC-worked Monoblock 108 mm distance With Pistons in Titanium

Monobloc radial brake caliper is CNC-worked with 5-axis CNC-machines. The distance is 108 mm and the off-set is 22,5 mm. There are 4 pistons in self-ventilated titanium - diameter 34mm.
The calipers have been designed to guarantee the lightest possible Weight, The optimal level of rigidity of the body and the best capacity of heat dissipation generated by the braking process.
Our caliper reflects the "Made in Italy" quality: during the machining, The caliper body is 100% controlled by tridimentional lab machines and later it is treated with a black oxidation treatment. This ensures a long-lasting resistance.
There are 4 pads per caliper and they are not included. You can purchase them seperately using code AGPA134, choosing between several compounds.
The caliper can be chromed, black oxidation or hard oxidation. This caliper is our flagship caliper and we recommend it for racing use.
Distance: 108 mm
Off-set: 22,5 mm
Small pistons titanium-made, self-ventilated, D34mm (4pcs)
Dust seal: NO
Chrome / Black oxidation / Hard oxidation
Brake pads not included
N° of brake pads per caliper 4pcs