Accossato Revolution PRS Brake Master Cylinder (CL050 / CL051 / CL052)

Accossato Revolution PRS Brake Master Cylinder (CL050 / CL051 / CL052)

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ACCOSSATO radial brake pumps are used in the Superbike, Moto 2, Moto 3, AMA and Superbike championships: they are characterized by a powerful braking and a reduced passive stroke. 

The feeling with the lever is immediate and the braking is always powerful, decisive and without compromise: this result was possible thanks to a reduction in the tolerances of the mechanical workings and the couplings of the different parts of the pump. 

Choosing a Accossato pump means choosing a Made in Italy product, with unique characteristics both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The main features that make it a unique product are: - Screw and stainless steel pins machined from cnc -Docking bracket to the handlebar made misaligned, which allows to decrease the movement of the pump itself during braking. 

The gaskets of the pump are made with a mixture coming from Formula 1 and guarantee, in the case of the use of oil DOT4 Accossato, a high durability over time; thanks to a 100% check, no ordinary maintenance is required. 

There are two different types of pump bodies: in forged aluminum or CNC machined. Their coloring is made of hard oxide, which guarantees the protection of the pump body for the whole life of the pump itself. Also in this case, the pump body is 100% controlled to guarantee the total absence of any sign or impurities that compromises its quality over time. 

The levers assembled on the ACCOSSATO pumps are black and depending on the type chosen, they are assembled in their standard version or with the model K lever, which presents an ergonomics with a central lightening. On request, it is also possible to request the standard model in the version with the lever for the air passage

Available models: 

Adjustable Pumps PRS ACCOSSATO adjustable pumps are an exclusive patent of the group racing division: in just seven seconds the adjustment center distance can be changed, depending on the piston diameter: 19mm (recommended piston diameter for bidisco systems) 16mm (diameter of the piston recommended for single-disc systems) Wheelbase available for PRS brake pumps: 17- 18 - 19 Wheelbase available for clutch pumps PRS: 15 - 16 - 17 

Brake pumps with articulated levers or fixed radial lever For twin-circuit systems, we recommend brake pumps diameter 19 For monodic systems, we recommend brake pumps diameter 16

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