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Accossato Revolution PRS 16x 17-18-19 Brake Master Cylinder (CL051)

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Accossato Radial Brake Master Cylinder PRS 16 x 17-18-19 With Black Anodised Body and Colourful Revolution Lever



Accossato Radial Brake Master Cylinder For Motorcycles in aluminium with forged and anodised black body PRS 16 x 17-18-19.

Adjustable length lever, adding or removing inserts.

The Accossato Radial Brake Master Cylinder is made in forged aluminium with black anodising.

The Piston diameter is 16 mm: suitable for single-disc system. The distance is adjustable between 17-18-19 mm: Suitable for all uses because you can adjust the distance depending on the situation of use.

The Lever is Revolution type in black colour: you can adjust the length, adding or removing the inserts.

The radial brake master cylinder is fully Made in Italy; the screws are made in stainless steel, The bleeding valve is in zinced steel and the seals are made with Formula 1 compound.

There's an off-set riser, in order to reduce the bending of the master cylinder while braking. Every component is designed to guarantee the shortest passive stroke: pulling the Lever, the space between the activation of the Lever and the actual braking is reduced by over 50%, compared to any other radial master cylinder.

Screw pitch for fitting the hoses is M10x1.

The stop light switch is not included - you can purchase it separately using code ID001 or ID002.

The fluid reservoir is not Provided with the master cylinder, you can purchase it separately choosing between several models