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Accossato Straight Clip Ons with Adjustable Inclination (CP007)

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Pair Of Adjustable Straight Clip-ons With Inclination From 6° to 10°

Adjustable Straight Clip-ons with 6° to 10 ° inclination, sold in pair. They are made in CNC-worked aluminium, with provision for steering damper, with M6 threaded hole
Clip-ons are sold in pair and they are made in CNC-worked aluminium. They are straight in order to have a reduced space. They have adjustable inclination from 6 to 10 degress. The predisposition for the steering damper with M6 threaded hole, which they are equipped with, makes them plug & play for some Ducati applications. The different possible diameters allow them to be mounted and adapted to other models of motorcycles with steering damper with M6 threaded hole. Rings are with quick clamp disconnection for easy installation.