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Brembo Rear Caliper 64mm Axial Billet (X206001)

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64 mm Axial Rear Billet Caliper

Product code: X20.60.01

It is a small and extremely lightweight racing caliper designed specifically for riders who use the rear brake moderately.

This caliper is in two pieces and is made entirely from billet. This machining, which uses sophisticated numerically controlled equipment, provides maximum stiffness and lightweight values which are reflected in its absolutely excellent performance.

Inside it houses two 24 mm diameter pistons. The caliper should be hand mounted and the screw tightening torque should be objectivated. To be mounted this caliper requires a specific adaptor bracket.

This caliper is used with excellent performance on all Super Sport bikes and racing bikes such as those raced in Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP. It has also become increasingly popular in Southeast Asia where it is used as a front brake in “underbone” category competitions where the engine is positioned under the frame. Questa pinza richiede l'utilizzo di un disco posteriore con fascia frenante da 24 mm.

This Component is designed and manufactured to be used exclusively in racing competitions and, therefore, the product shall be installed  through specific adaptors not included in the packaging of the component and by highly qualified and competent professionals working in the “racing” field.

Position REAR
Caliper Body 2-PIECES  
Ø Pistons mm 24
Pistons Q.ty 2
Disc height mm          24
Material Billet aluminium
Surface protection Hard anodized
Piston material Titanium
Weight w/o pads (gr) 198
Mounted pads included No
Offset (mm) 16,5