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Brembo GP4-RS 108mm Radial Caliper Kit (220C78310)

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108mm “GP4-RS” Radial Caliper Kit

Product code: 220.C783.10


Brembo's GP4-RS monobloc caliper was created using a complex foundry technique exclusive to Brembo. The result is a caliper that is 10% lighter than the renowned M4 monobloc, which has been a long-standing champion thanks to its rigidity, reduced weight and accuracy.


ULTIMATE STIFFNESS: the ribbing on the front section of the pistons was also derived from the MotoGP. Such machining helps keep the caliper from deforming when braking intensely. The result is that the system continues to work accurately during intense braking.


The Brembo GP4-RS is equipped with unique fins around the pistons, a patented design. These calipers provide you with a solution originally developed for MotoGP calipers and now available as an upgrade product for the first time.


  • Fixing hole distance 108 mm
  • Off-set = 22.5mm
  • Interchangeable with 108mm mounting radial calipers (spacers and bolts maybe required)
  • 4 pistons Ø 30mm
  • recommended master cylinder : Brembo 17RCS
  • 2 high performance brake pads
  • pads anti-vibrating springs
  • double piston seals
  • Red Brembo logo, hand painted, identifying a Racing products

Note: Oversize 320mm discs required on some models