• $469.00
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he Nexzdas full system bluetooth scan tool with tablet is a professional scan tool that allows you to access all of the systems in your car. This means you can diagnose engine, transmission, fuel system and much more. You can access the active test section of your car which means you can run test on components of your cars systems. Access special functions like registering a new battery, injector coding, IMMO Key Coding, DPF etc. Change advance settings like seatbelt beeper on/off, auto lock time etc. Allowing you to have a full professional scan tool that is portable, easy to use and at the fraction of the price of others. Comes with a large tablet for easy viewing and a hard case to ensure transportation is easy and safe.

Lifetime free App upgrades and updates!

  • Plug and play standalone setup.
  • Easy to use and update app.
  • Can use with other devices if you do not have the tablet.
  • One key screenshot so you can easy send report from your phone.
  • Works with Australian cars from 2005+ with OBD2.
  • Retrieve engine fault codes and clear engine check lights.
  • Access active test for components on your vehicle.
  • Latest bluetooth for strong connection and faster speeds.
  • Quick and easy one time connect.
  • Easy to use.
  • 12 Month Warranty.


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