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Galespeed VRC Series Racing Master Cylinder (Free Delivery)

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Galespeed VRC (Variable lever Ratio Control) master cylinders.

Galespeed designed & developed "Variable lever Ratio Control" gives you wider lever ratio adjust range (0.25mm per click, 8 clicks/max. 2mm adjust range - *from supporting point to operating point* ), and helps you to find the most suitable brake feeling without being affected by different brake calipers. 

Made from high-pressure forged aluminium materials, the setup allows for precise push rod to cylinder alignment on the handlebar. This in turn provides a more direct brake feel and control with less friction at the lever. 

All listings come standard with the “Short” lever 

Forged master cylinder body Aluminium master cylinder body is made by high-pressure forging, which realizes high-strength and light-weight.

  • Radial-pump Push rod and master cylinder is lined and placed in 90 degrees against handlebar, which gives you more direct brake feeling and fine braking.
  • Variable lever ratio control Gale Speed original lever ratio control can adjust the lever ratio (from Point of Support to Point of Load) in 0.25mm per step, total 2mm at maximum.
  • Folding lever blade When the bike is toppled over, the lever blade is folded for less damage on the master cylinder.
  • Power lever blade (straight lever blade for clutch master cylinders). By improved the lever blade shape and gripping area, it achieved better grip control with less gripping power.
  • Quick release handlebar clamp By losing just one bolt, master cylinder can be detached from handlebar.

Galespeed master cylinders do not come with brake fluid reservoirs. 

Select model required from menu 

  • 16mm Piston x 16-18mm adjustability
  • 17mm Piston x 16-18mm adjustability
  • 19mm Piston x 18-20mm adjustability