Healtech Brake Light Pro Programmable brake light flasher module BLP-U01

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Brake Light pro

Brake Light pro

Programmable brake light flasher module

The smallest brake light flasher module in the world with 11 pattern options to choose from for added riding safety. Raises awareness of motorists behind you. No more tailgating thanks to this tiny but intelligent device. Compatible with almost all motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and even cars!



The smallest brake light flasher module on the market just for your own safety. Car drivers are prone of crashing into a bike stopping for traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. A ‘sorry mate, haven’t seen you’ won’t get you and your bike back on the road and even serious accident could occur just because of a careless driver.

Now we got your back with this tiny module! ‘Wakes up’ drivers behind you – no more tailgating! Easy to fit and operate, you can choose from 11 (+ bypass) flash patterns and won’t waste any space on your bike – it’s just so tiny. Get protected today!

About the Brake Light pro

 Amazing compatibility!


One module for universal use (3 wire brake light applications, bikes, cars, ATVs) and one specially designed for BMW motorcycles (2 wire LED light support).

 Highly Advanced Technology

Touch Sensor for easy setup and maximum reliability. Just cycle through the modes at ease.

 Easy set-up!
Locate the brake light wire running under the passenger seat to the taillight. Use the quick wire tap connectors supplied. Shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to make it work.

 Size DOES Matter!
The smallest programmable intelligent flasher module in the world!

 You are in safe hands
The BLP module is built to last with HealTech’s industry leading build quality: all leads are protected against short circuits and high energy transients. Only high quality components have been used, and the epoxy layer construction gives extreme protection for the internal parts from shocks, vibrations and water.

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