Healtech Gear Indicator GIPro DS-Series G2 GPDT-BM1 BMW

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GIpro DS-series_G2

GIpro DS-series G2

The ultimate Plug 'n Go gear indicator

The GIpro DS-series G2 is a gear indicator designed for bikes with factory diagnostic connector. Just plug it in and you're ready to ride!


A few of our 1st generation GIpro DS-series units are offered by some Chinese companies. They use various branding and logos, including HealTech, Honda, Kawasaki, etc. The product looks similar but it has an old firmware, the quality of the components and assembly is poor, the function/performance is lacking, the reliability is weak and warranty is not backed up. Due to poor design and assembly it may damage your bike’s ECU.
Always be sure to purchase an original GIpro DS-series unit from an authorized HealTech distributor or dealer. If you have any doubts, please contact the distributor in your country.
Only we (HealTech) make gear indicators with touch control + light sensor and the with latest signal processing tech. None of the clones offer these features thanks to the unique security authentication chips we use in the G2 series.



The GIpro DS-series G2 is super easy to install on Diagnostic System equipped bikes. No more splicing for power (except on Triumph motorcycles). Improved signal processing on ALL models. Response time can be adjusted in the menu. Wider compatibility.
The new G2 version comes with the Touch Control feature and gets the Light Sensor just like all GIpro G2 models in the family. The list of supported bikes include fuel injected motorcycles from Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Harley Davidson.
Compatible with ALL HealTech products and backed up by our 2-year warranty.

  • GPDT color options

About the GIpro DS-series G2

 Highly Advanced Technology
Unlike other competitors’ products the GIpro-DS reads the gear position information directly from the ECU, which makes it faster and more reliable than other gear indicators sold today.

 Plug ‘n Go, hassle free set-up!
There are no buttons, no “programming wires”. The unit is fully automatic.There’s no need to cut or splice wires and no need to access several connectors. You only need to connect ONE plug under the seat – it can’t get any easier than this.

 Size does Matter!
Another unique feature is the size. It is the smallest, most compact gear indicator available. Just the perfect size!

 5 display colors
Extra bright, high contrast display which can be seen even in very bright conditions, e.g. direct sunlight. The unit is now available with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White color display options.

 Simple yet stylish
It has a simple and clear front face which goes along nicely with any OEM/factory instrument panel or aftermarket dash. Less is sometimes more.

 Tough design
The product comes in a rugged, 100% weatherproof housing 



BMW R 18 (2021) FANTIC Caballero 250 (ALL years), Caballero 500 (ALL years)

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