Healtech OBD Tool -Professional Diagnostic Tool (Free Express Delivery)

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OBD Tool

Professional diagnostic tool

Our OBD Tool can do almost everything that a full-on factory tool can yet it is easier to use and costs only a fraction of the factory option. You may even open your own repair shop with the help of the mighty OBD Tool!


Diagnostic tools for Honda (motorcycles and marine engines), Kawasaki (motorcycles, ATVs and Jet-Skis) and Suzuki (motorcycles and ATVs) are offered by some Chinese companies too. While the module looks different, the PCB inside is a clone of our OBD hardware and it will NOT work without our software. They supply an old version of our software on CD. This has very limited functionality. As soon as you update the software, the module will be disabled permanently and you will not get a refund from the seller. Also, these clones do not have the quality, do not come with the same connectors, do not come with a hard case, do not come with a 2-year warranty and free updates. Be sure to purchase the OBD Tool from a HealTech distributor or dealer. Do NOT purchase on AliExpress. Do NOT purchase on eBay from a Chinese seller.



Available for Honda motorcycles and marine engines, Kawasaki motorcycles, ATVs and Jet-Skis, Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles and ATVs.
Includes an interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the FI light coming on.
The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair. Get the job done right with our professional ODB Tool!

About the OBD Tool

 Free Lifetime updates and support
Software updates offered FREE of charge for the lifetime of this product. Updates are automatic.

 Best Price on the Market
You can’t get any better nor lower cost alternative. Cost is fraction of the factory tool.

 Auto Set-Up for convenience and easy use
Just press the Connect button and the rest is done automatically. No need to select the VIN or model number.

 You are in safe hands
Rugged design, 100% weatherproof. Supplied in a hard plastic case.

 Awesome Tech
Sensor values are shown in real time, enabling a trained personnel for extended fault and engine performance analysis. Test functions are also included. Captures measurements automatically and you can load them from the disk whenever you need. Print reports to your customers. Export to Excel is also available.

Note: Generic Image depicting all harness plugs - Only the applicable selected harness plug will be supplied (Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki)

OBD-H01 (Honda)

OBD-K01 (Kawasaki)

OBD-S01 (Suzuki)

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