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HM Quickshifter Lever Plus / Plus SS (Free Delivery)

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Key features of the HM Quickshifter PLUS.

  • HM Quickshifters PLUS is Strain Gauge activated. Nothing else outside of MotoGP uses this technology. Nothing is better and nobody except HM offers this outside MotoGP.
  • No moving parts means the HM Quickshifters PLUS makes them virtually indestructible and come with a Lifetime Warranty against product defect or malfunction.
  • HM Quickshifters PLUS is the kindest and gentlest way to treat your gearbox. HM uses the ignition side of the motorcycle to unload the gearbox, which is far kinder then most other designs that cut from the fuel side.
  • HM Quickshifters PLUS is a  STAND ALONE systems, integrated to the ignition side of the motorcycle as a quickshifter should be. No need for complex interfaces with other fuel side ECU’s, no software glitches, no need for constant adjustments and no chance of interference to any other operational aspect of the motorcycle.
  • HM Quickshifter PLUS  kills from the ignition side of the engine, so there is no chance of “extended” fuel burning, secondary injectors (which most modern sportbikes have) that are not shut off, or any other problems that might be associated with fuel side controls. Spark is dead, gearbox unloads and the HM initiates an ultra smooth, gentle and unquestionably the fastest gear change you can get.
  • Every function (Compression / Extension, Sensitivity and Kill Time) of the HM Quickshifter PLUS is controlled from the HM LCD screen, and you never have to deal with “interface problems” again.
  • Every HM Quickshifter PLUS works in EITHER the “up” or “down” shift pattern (standard or GP shift), and you can change this any time you wish from the LCD screen. No need to buy different parts to change your shift pattern and you will never have the wrong setup.
  • Every HM Quickshifter PLUS is adjustable for lever sensitivity, so you can adjust for the specifics of your motorbike, gearbox and riding style.
  • HM Quickshifter PLUS is fully adjustable for ignition kill time, so you can control exactly how you use the gearbox and how you want the HM Quickshifter to work.
  • The HM Quickshifter PLUS is transportable, meaning it can be used on many different machines by using the correct wiring loom and shift rod length required. The HM Quickshifter PLUS can be reused over and over! Multiple bikes, changing bikes during the season or buying a new bike means you can most likely bring your HM Quickshifter PLUS with you to your different / new machine for very little added expense.
  • HM Quickshifter PLUS wiring looms are “plug in and go.” No need to splice or cut in any way and no complications with other ECU’s. Straight bolt on application and clean removal if the time or need ever comes.


Note: Does not include Shift Rod - These can be purchased separately.

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