Metzeler Racetec RR 200/55 K1 (Free Metro Delivery)

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    Developed to win road races, RACETEC™ RR delivers maximum performance

    Grip in all conditions

    Road racing courses feature multiple and variable conditions and RACETEC™ RR compound specifications have been developed to cope with all of them.
    The compound recipes of RACETEC™ RR blend a selection of polymers and resins with different grades of carbon black to maximise hysteresis - even on slippery surfaces.
    As for rear tyre, choice of version is based on asphalt friction coefficient (high severity/friction and low severity/friction, depending on the circuit or road race) and asphalt temperature (with the threshold being around 25°/30°degree).
    The dual-compound cap and base scheme of RACETEC™ RR rears feature a highly conductive center strip, which supports the shoulder compound from underneath and warms it up during long straights by redistributing the heat generated to the shoulders, maintaining them in the operative temperature and ensuring grip when going into lean.


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