Motorex Coolant M5.0 Concentrate

Motorex Coolant M5.0 Concentrate

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COOLANT M5.0 - Concentrate

COOLANT M5.0 is a coolant based on ethylene glycol which is nitrite-, phosphate- and amine-free. It meets the requirements of various manufacturers of high-performance engines. In addition to outstanding antifreeze protection, this coolant offers excellent year-round corrosion protection for all metals and alloys used in the cooling systems of combustion engines.

Technical data

Colour turquoise

Density at 20 °C g/cm³ ASTM D4052 1.127

Flash point C.O.C. °C DIN EN ISO 2592 >115

Base Ethylene glycol

Refraction at 20 °C DIN 51423-1 1.434

Boiling point °C ASTM D 1120 >163

Mixture Concentrate

Viscosity at 20°C mm²/s DIN 51562-1 27


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