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Pazzo Racing Adjustable Long Levers (Pair) - Moto Guzzi

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Combine 25 years of machining experience with two avid motorcyclists and you get a product that is designed to enhance the riding experience while looking good. In business for over 10 years, Pazzo Racing has become one of the world leaders for aftermarket levers. Offering the most models and the largest variety of colours, Pazzo Racing has become the product of choice among racers and street riders alike


CALIFORNIA Custom/Touring/Classic 2014-2018 (F-23/C-23) View Image View Image
GRISO 2006-2016 (F-16/DC-80)
BREVA 750 2004-2009 (F-16/D-37)
BREVA 1100 2006-2012 (F-16/DC-80) View Image
NORGE 1200/GT8V 2006-2015 (F-16/DC-80)
1200 SPORT 2007-2013 (F-16/DC-80) View Image
V85 2018 (DB-80/D-37)
ELDORADO 2015-2018 (F-23/C-23)
STELVIO 2008-2016 (F-16/DC-80)
V7 Racer 2011-2017 (F-16/D-37) View Image View Image
V7 Classic/Stornello 2008-2017 (F-16/D-37) View Image View Image
V7 Stone/Special/Custom 2012-2017 (F-16/D-37)
V9 Bobber/Roamer 2016-2017 (F-16-D-37)
AUDACE 2015-2018 (F-23/C-23)
MGX21 2016-2018 (F-23/C-23)