Prisma Electronics Hand Held Stopwatch (STW) (Free Delivery)

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Digital Multi Riders Stopwatch for racing motorsport

The Prisma Electronics Stopwatch enables the user to time up to 4 riders simultaneously. 

Up to 99 lap times and 9 split times for each lap can be taken and stored in the memory. At every lap, the Stopwatch shows the difference with the BEST LAP for each driver. By timing 3 riders, the BEST LAP of the first and second rider is showed on the display.

Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity.

Times and Split times shows on the display of the Digital multi rider stopwatch for motorsportThanks the big and backlight display you have all drivers timing info on the display.The stopwatch shows for each riders :

LAP time info

  • 1 - L07 --> Current Lap 07
  • 00:35.86 --> Currently Lap time
  • +0.28 --> Difference between Best Lap and current Lap time

SPLIT time info

  • S1 -> Split number of the Driver 1
  • 0:18.35 -> Split time of the Driver
  • -0.37 -> Difference between Best Split Time S1 of the Driver 1

If you time 3 drivers ( L1 - L2 - L3 ) the Lap Times and BEST LAP showed on the display of the Digital Stopwatch instrument shows the BEST LAP for the

  • 1 - Best lap driver 1--> 0:48.85
  • 2 - Best lap --> 0:51.75 


Absolute Split Times mode

Incremental Split Times mode

FEATURESStopwatch Belt Clip

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature - °C or °F
  • Languages Menu ITA - ENG - FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55


For each session you can recall :

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature
  • The 3 best LAPS for each driver
  • The Split Times for each LAP

 Removable belt clip for Hiprema 4

The digital stopwatch is IP55 splash proof resistant

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