Prisma Electronics Tyre pressure gauge (HPM4) (Free Delivery)

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Adjust and measure the tyre pressure with a range of 5 BAR/ 72PSI with high accuracy of 0,1% over the full scale. It has been designed for the Racing World where tyre pressure is primary for the performance of the tyres. With Hiprema 4 you measure the pressure without errors.

Design and Technology strikes again

We have re-engineered all Electronics and Mechanical parts with new features that make Hiprema 4 the digital tyre pressure gauge more complete than the previous versions.

You can use it as a simple digital tyre pressure gauge or by pressing MEM buttons you can save the COLD and HOT tire pressures.
For each session you can save also :

  • Date and Time
  • Air temperature
  • Difference between COLD and HOT tyre pressures


This tyre pressure gauge Hiprema 4 does not require calibration; whenever you switch on it the internal microprocessor automatically performs the procedure in order to reach a reliable measure at 100%. You are always sure to use an accurate instrument. There are no excuses, the pressure value is always correctly measured.


Maximum error over the pressure range 0-5 Bar / 0-72 PSI of 0.1%.


  • PRESSURE SHOT® function – By activating this function the HIPREMA 4 save the HOT tyre pressures without pressing any buttons
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise saving tyre pressures rotation
  • Measure difference between COLD and HOT tyre pressures
  • Languages Menu ITA – ENG – FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55


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