Racetorx Ducati Throttle Spacer Kit (RTXDTS)

  • $38.95
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    Ducati Throttle Play Spacer Kit.

    Fly by wire Throttle assemblies naturally have a lot of play in them. We Have decided to fix this problem by designing a spacer kit that is inexpensive.
    In the kit you get 2 Cup spacers which will take away the rotational slop and also the side-to-side movement.

    If you have any questions or want to know if it fits your bike which isn’t stated here, please send a picture of your throttle assembly.
    For some applications You will require a Y-tip 3 bit for the x2 security screws and a Phillips bit for x2 other screws (not included)
    You are required to remove all 4 screws that hold the throttle housing and also the cable-tie which holds the small black metal bracket to slide the bottom throttle housing down to remove the throttle tube. (The top and bottom throttle housing both have a lug to hold the throttle tube in place)

    Panigale V4 – 2018+

    Streetfighter V4 – 2020+

    Streetfighter V4S – 2020+

    Panigale V2  2020+

    Panigale 899 – 2012-19

    Panigale 959 – 2012-19

    Panigale 1199 – 2012-19

    Panigale 1299 – 2012-19

    Monster 821 – 2017+

    Monster 1200 – 2017+

    Monster 1200S – 2017+

    2016+ Monster 1200R

    Diavel 1260S – 2019+

    Diavel 1260 – 2019+


    Supersport – 2017+

    Supersport S – 2017+

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