The CBR1000RR Fireblade gear shift support was designed for the racers which meant no sprocket cover. if you have a sprocket cover on your CBR this will not fit unless you either remove it or modify it.


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re screaming through some twisties when suddenly you hit a false neutral and so you have no drive or engine breaking,
This can be extremely dangerous.

What are miss shifts / false neutrals? false neutrals are where the transmission does not engage the gears properly especially when shifting through higher gears like from 3th to 4th or 4th to 5th. This can be very frustrating when your in the moment ready for the next corner when you hit 6th and BAM you hit that unwanted false neutral.
dangerous if one doesn’t know how to handle the situation properly too.

The gear shift linkage is a common cause of this, feel your linkage, it has a lot of play and the Gear shaft also has lateral movement.

The Racetorx Gear shift support stiffens up the lateral movement in the gear shaft which then also reduces the slop in the gear shift linkage and so
helps prevent miss shifts altogether and provides positive gear changes.

In addition, The gear shift support also supports the shaft from snapping for one example, triumph 675 and 765’s have an E-clip groove after the seal on the gear shaft,
this is a prone location to snap. The gear shift support reduces the force on the machined e-clip grove which in turn helps save you from the costly engine repairs.

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Stop the missed shifts and false neutrals while adding some protection to your transmission with our one of a kind gear shift supports. Don’t settle for knock-offs and inferior products, our gear shift supports are second to none.


Material- 6061-T6 aluminium

Aesthetically pleasing with hard anodizing for corrosion protection.

Anodizing – Hard anodizing in Black


This can also be used in conjunction with quick shifters for a more responsive gear change.


  • HONDA CBR1000 2006 – 2007 Only those that have removed the sprocket cover.


It is essential to lubricate the bearing bush before application.

A Sintered Bronze Bush Bearing is used when there is either no room for a bearing or if the gear shaft is an unusual size. In this instance, there is not enough room for a needle bearing.
A small touch of grease on both the shaft and the phosphor bronze bush will assist in lubrication.