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The OBD-AUS Suzuki 6 pin handheld is our OBD2 scan tool that has been created to offer you the best experience and ease of use to get the data you want from your Suzuki motorcycle with a 6 pin diagnostic plug. With a high quality micro-chip manufactured in the USA, multi protocols and easy to read screen it is the perfect OBD2 scanner to Check why your check engine light is on, diagnose where the fault is coming from and Clear the fault light.

  • Stand Alone Unit
  • View live engine data right there on the screen
  • Works with a range of Suzuki bikes see below
  • Retrieve engine fault codes and clear check lights
  • Easy to use


Compatible Bikes:

GSX-R 1000 2017 and up
GSX-R 1000 R 2017 and up
GSX-R 125 2018 and up
GSX-S 1000 2018 and up
GSX-S 1000 F 2018 and  up
GSX-S 750 2018 and up
GSX-S 125 2018 and up
DL 1000 F 2018 and up
DL 650 F 2018 and up
SV 650 2018 and up
SV 650 X 2018 and up

Note: Some newer bikes use the Euro5 6pin! Please check and confirm  if your bike has the standard Suzuki 6pin or the Euro5 6pin. This scanner comes with the standard Suzuki 6pin adapter.

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