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Tecmate Optimate Pro-1 Duo Battery Charger (TM650)

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Optimate PRO-1 DUO

12V 10A diagnostic battery charger-tester & power-supply

Please read instructions before use


Lithium and Lead Acid Smart Charger 10amp

  • CHARGING AMPS : 0.4A to 10 A (Ampmatic)

  • CHARGING VOLTS : 12V lead-acid: 0.5V to 22V, 12.8V/13.2V Lithium LFP (LiFePO4): 0.5V to 14.4V. Powersupply: 11V to 13.6V

  • USE : Indoor IP40.

  • OPERATION : Selectable 11 Steps.

  • PRO USE : 12V lead-acid STD & AGM from 3-50Ah and 12.8V/13.2V Lithium (LiFePO4) from 2-20Ah.

  • NORMAL USE : 12V lead-acid STD & AGM from 3-240Ah and 12.8V/13.2V Lithium (LiFePO4) from 2-120Ah.

  • INPUT : Global (100-240V 50-60Hz), high efficiency.

  • STYLE : Case with rubber bumpers, with wall-mount or hanger bars, 15cm output cord

  • INCLUDED CABLES: O-43 charge lead extender 180cm and O-14 fused battery clips. 

  • INCLUDED HARDWARE: Wall storage receiver and bar hanging hook.

  • WARRANTY: 2-year limited.