Thermal Technology Race Tyre Warmers (Free Delivery)

  • $698.95
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Simple and Integrated Electronic management.

Racing motorbike tyre warmer with an electronic controlled device inserted through the tie rod that allows adjustment of the temperature on three pre-set levels, 50 ° C – 90 ° C – 110 ° C with LED indicator and button for selection.

Built with flame retardant outer fabric and non-flamable internal fabric nomex and neoprene elastic skirt

S 120

M 160

L 180

XL 190/200

XXL > 200/60 and 205

  • Heating regulation with integrated electronic controller
  • Setpoint selectable 50/90/110°C
  • Flame retardant external fabric
  • Insulation with reflective layer
  • Heating element with trasversal and longitudinal shape
  • Unflamable internal fabric nomex
  • Neoprene elestastic skirt

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