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OBD-AUS TPMS BT (Bluetooth) system to monitor your vehicles tyre pressures and temperatures via bluetooth and using a app on your phone. Easy to install external wheel sensors with locking nuts to prevent theft. Your tyre pressures and temperatures will be displayed live onto your phone via the app. The app can work in the background of your phone so you can still use it and will warn you if there is a problem with pressure or temperatures. Being the latest bluetooth means that it can work while your phone is also using bluetooth for other things like music or OBD2. Great system to ensure your tyre pressure matches the conditions and you do not get caught out with a slow leak or over inflated tyres causing blow outs. Quality units that are built to last in Australian conditions being tough and waterproof.

  • Install in under 10 minutes
  • Suits pressures up to 90psi
  • Improve your fuel economy with correct pressures
  • Reduce your tyre wear
  • Works on iOS (Apple) & Android Devices
  • Easy to read display
  • All on your phone to keep your dash clear
  • Leak and temperature alarm
  • 3-5 year battery life on external wheel sensors
  • 12 Month Warranty

Great bluetooth setup for your 4WD or car when you have only 4 tyre’s that you need live pressure/temperature monitoring for. Easy to install and the system turns off and on automatically as the sensors are activated by movement. You can also choose bar or PSI as you setting so you can choose the unit of measure that you use.

Live Data: The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)  monitors tyre pressure/temperature status in real time, which will transmit data to your phone and has an alarm and flashing warning if there is a problem. You can set the high and low alarms pressures between 7PSI – 90PSI. So for example if you have the low pressure alarm set at 30PSI when a tyre reaches this pressure the unit will beep and flash to warn you. Same goes for the high pressure alarm. In addition there is also an alarm if the tyre increases or decreases in pressure to quickly so you will be warned of slow leaks etc.

Wide Application: This system is suitable for any vehicle with four tyres with the maximum pressure of 90psi. You have a wide range to set your low and high pressure alarms and this is easy to do. Also you can set the temperature alarm so you will get a warning if it reaches this level.

Easy App: Easy to use app that works on both Android and iOS devices. Works in the background and with the latest bluetooth you can have more than one thing connect to the bluetooth on your phone so you can use one of our OBD-AUS scan tools if you also need live engine data and a trip computer.

External sensors: Which are easy to install, have a three-five year battery life and are weather proof. Built to last and be accurate with accuracy +/- .15psi. After two years if the battery does go flat it is easier to replace and just takes a common CR1632 battery.

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