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TWM Complete Clutch Lever 32mm Offset Short 173mm (LCS01-S)

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TWM Complete Clutch Lever is partially made from aluminium billet and CNC machined. While the perch is made in aluminium casted, the rest of the component is made from billet.

Thanks to the design and adjusting possibilities, it gives riders the most comfortable and precise configuration. Having positioned the regulator in the same axis of the lever, the lever can be adjusted to the ideal length from the handle bars.

Manufactured and designed with extreme accuracy, their weight has been brought to the lightest, yet, being able to fold on itself, the lever still has the maximum resistance studied to minimize potential crash damage.

In addition, thanks to the accurate design, having considered the the “low drag” method, with it’s cavity at the tip, it avoids air inserting pressure at high speeds.

Application List

TWM levers are available for the majority of street and racing motorcycles.