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TWM GP Style Remote Brake Span Adjuster (RA.GP)

Original price $164.95 - Original price $164.95
Original price
$164.95 - $164.95
Current price $164.95

The Gp Style Remote adjuster is a device used to control and adjust as desired the distance of the brake lever from the handle bar. It is a simpler alternative of manipulating the master cylinder from the right side. It’s a system which gives the possibility to racers to reduce or increase the distance of the brake lever while riding.
The new system was designed to make it look similar to the one used by MotoGP riders and by having the same functionality it makes have riders a grater feel.

The mounting bracket has been reshaped and redesigned for a simpler mountinging. Still considering the minimized space on the handlebar the bracket kept a slim shape and look.
The superior part of the system improved the general motion and now is slightly higher than before and can still be rotated and positioned so it can be operated in the most effective way.
The high quality cable covered with a plastic tube hasn't changed form the previous model. With a total length 780mm but can be cut and adjusted at the prefered size directly by the user.

The Remote adjuster is available in different colours.
The standardized option is completely Black but it’s also possible to have the accessories anodised in:
Gold and Red.

Application List
TWM Remote Adjuster fits all TWM brake levers and also all Brembo Brake Radial Master Cylinder and Brembo Radial RCS
Brembo Brake Radial Master Cylinder (16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20)