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AIM Solo 2 DL GPS Lap Timer (Free Delivery)

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AIM Solo 2 DL
the most precise and easy way to get lap times
The new Solo 2 receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version and the lap times are calculated within a maximum gap not higher than 2/100 sec.
The screen can be backlit in one of the seven available colors
Solo 2 can rely on a database of more than 2,000 tracks all over the world: as soon as it switches on, Solo 2 identifies its position, recognizes the starting line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times.
In case the track is not in the database, no problem: Solo 2 realizes it and switches to learning mode, automatically understands the characteristics of the track and gives the lap time anyway.

Race Mode Selection

Solo 2 can manage different types of races:

- Speed races in a closed circuit

- Point to-point races

- Regularity

- Performance tests (0-100 km/h etc.)
In each of these configurations, Solo 2 gives the proper information during the test and powerful data review immediately after each session. More than 1,000 protocols for 1,000+ ECU in the database, to easily connect your Solo 2 DL to your Engine Control Unit and get a lot of information with just one cable.

In case your ECU protocol is not in the database, no problem: an ECU Driver Builder is always available in the Race Studio 3 configuration software, and you will be able to create your protocol by yourself.

Coil RPM input
Solo 2 DL now features a digital input allowing to log RPM either from square wave signals (8-50 V each signal) or pulse signals (150-450 V ignition coil trigger – primary circuit).
NOTE: Please select the type of ECU Connection harness required (CAN/RS232  OBDII, or Ext Power and RPM) in options