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Brembo MX Racing Brake Master Cylinder 10x19 CNC Billet, including reservoir (XA2B3A0)

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Brembo MX Racing Brake Master Cylinder 10x19 CNC Billet, with Oil Reservoir

Compatibility: All Enduro / Cross motorcycle with front brake system single disc.

An aluminum alloy pump made ENTIRELY FROM SOLID, designed specifically for Enduro, which allows maximum readiness and perfectly adaptable braking even in extreme conditions, with excellent linearity between the force applied by the pilot to lever and braking response, so as to obtain an extraordinary feeling with braking.

The pump uses a 10 mm diameter piston and has a lever distance 19. It also has a remote adjustment of the lever, specific for Off Road pump.

This pump is successfully used in Enduro competitions. For all fans, it represents a true classic Brembo, capable of offering total reliability and excellent performance.

This component was designed specifically for racing applications. For this reason, its fitting on standard motorcycles may require the use of specific adapters not supplied together with the product and must be carried out by highly qualified and competent professionals in the racing sector.