Dynojet Ignition Module

  • $559.95
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Dynojet Ignition Module 

This Ignition Module allows you to take extra control of your motorcycle's performance by allowing you to not only optimize your air/fuel ratio through the Power Commander V but also the spark time of your bike. This device can change your spark time based on temp and boost inputs, gear position, and individual cylinder timing.


  • Adjust timing based on temp and boost inputs
  • Individual cylinder timing
  • Gear position timing
  • +/- 20 degrees of spark advance adjustment
  • Analog input


Dynojet's Ignition Module helps take your fuel tuning ability to the next level by optimizing your spark times for multiple conditions or requirements. With +/- 20 degrees of spark advance adjustment your vehicle will be roaring forward like never before.


The Ignition Module can raise the rev limiters and create timing adjustments in a snap. It easily connects to your Power Commander V using OEM style connectors to plug in-line with the stock ignition with no wiring.

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