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Motorex Coolant M3.0 Concentrate

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$114.95 - $643.05
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COOLANT M3.0 - Concentrate

Ethylene glycol-based COOLANT M3.0 provides excellent protection against freezing, corrosion, limescale and overheating in modern engines, especially those with high load aluminum. The inhibitors used effectively prevent corrosion and deposits in the cooling system with its important components such as cooling passages in the cylinder head and engine block, radiator, water pump and heater core.


1/3 Coolant M3.0 and 2/3 water protect at temperatures as low as -21°C; 1/2 Coolant M3.0 and 1/2 water protect at temperatures as low as -38°C



  • MAN 324 SNSF
  • MB Approval 325.3
  • VW G 12 TL 774-D
  • VW G 12 TL 774-F