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Yoshimura Alpha Series Slip On Exhaust - Honda CBR1000RR (2017-2019)

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Yoshimura Alpha Series Slip On Exhaust - Honda CBR1000RR (2017-2019)

The 2017 Honda CBR1000RR has undergone some significant updates this year. Starting off with a complete new electronics base, as well as losing a significant amount of weight, centralizing mass, even the styling has been upgraded!

Yoshimura now introduces our Alpha T Street Series slip-on system. This slip-on removes a nice bit of weight (Titanium Alpha-T slip-on weight 3.5 Lbs vs Stock muffler weight 6.7 Lbs), adds a ton of style, and adds that legendary Yoshimura sound that is renowned worldwide. The titanium system gains its advantage as being a little under a pound lighter than the stainless system. The new Alpha T adds a couple of ponies and it's 50-state emissions legal!

The Alpha T utilizes a tapered conical sleeve that produces a higher "GP" tone than its bigger brother Alpha, and is also lighter than the original Alpha. This muffler option includes race-grade titanium with a brushed finish and carbon fiber end cap.

One look at an Alpha T system and you know it's something special!